Chipmunk Room

In the Chipmunk room, your baby, 4 weeks through 9 months, will be cared for according to his/her own schedule. Consistency in caregivers provides a secure environment for the children. Daily communication forms help both parents and caregivers make the transition from home to childcare as seamless as possible.

Parents are responsible for providing bottles of breast milk or formula each day. Children are always held while being bottle-fed. When your child begins to transition to solids you will be responsible for providing baby food of your choosing and later select appropriate foods from the Children’s nest menu.

The Children's Nest provides a crib for each child. We also provide the sheets, which are washed each day after use. The infant room is equipped with four swings, and three exersaucers, and several bouncy seats for the children's enjoyment.

The younger children have at least 30 minutes of tummy time each day. The older children spend much of the day playing and socializing on the floor, where we provide a mat and a variety of toys.

The infant room has an open-door policy. We encourage parents to stop by anytime to play with their child. For breastfeeding mothers, we provide a separate room for convenience.

Our priority in the infant room is to make all children feel secure and loved. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.