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Accident policy, admission policy, food policy, late pick-up policy, transportation policy, and tuition payment policy are stated.

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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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Montréal Botanical Garden

The Montréal Botanical Garden ranks as one of the world's largest and most spectacular botanical gardens with its collection of 22,000 plant species and cultivars, 10 exhibition greenhouses, and some thirty thematic gardens.

Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome, constructed for the 1976 Olympic Games, is a facility located in Montreal that allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas.

La Ronde Amusement Park

La Ronde is an amusement park in Montreal, owned and operated by Six Flags. It is the largest in the province of Quebec and the second largest in Canada.

Casino de Montréal

The Casino de Montréal is the largest casino in Canada, and one of the largest casinos in the world.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is a hill in the city of Montreal, situated between the Laurentians and the Appalachians mountains.

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Accident Policy

  • In the case of major accidents, we will notify parents/guardians by telephone, and will complete an accident report immediately.
  • For the safety and protection of your children, we are insured as required by licensing regulations.
  • Our accident report will state the time, place and details of how the accident occurred. Parents must sign all accident reports. Upon your request, a copy of the report will be given to you.


Admission Policy

Prior to admission to The Children’s Nest, it is the policy of our center to set up a personal interview with the parent(s)/guardians(s) of the child(ren) to be enrolled. This allows our potential parents/guardians and child(ren) to have an on-site tour of our facility, meet the teachers and other staff who will be working with the children, get ‘hands-on’ experience of our Center’s environment, and to witness our programs in action. This meeting will also allow parents/guardians and caregivers to exchange necessary information.

The parents/guardians are required to complete all of the necessary forms prior to enrolling their child(ren) in our center. A non-refundable registration fee is due before the child(ren) can be officially enrolled in our center. This fee must be paid with the application for enrollment. In addition, a deposit equal to two week’s tuition is required for new enrollment. The deposit is not refundable if you decide not to bring your child to The Children’s Nest.

The Children’s Nest is open to all children, regardless of race, nationality, color, religion, or ethnic origin.

The primary goal of our center is to be accepting of the child(ren), to create a safe, happy, home-like surroundings, and to provide each child with a loving and nurturing environment.


Food Policy

Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided by The Children’s Nest. Our center will have a new menu each month, which will be posted in the front hall. Extra copies will also be available for you to take home. The Virginia Licensing Standards state that ‘…no food may be brought from home, except in the case of special diets prescribed by a physician [for which a doctor’s note will be needed] or in the case of religious requirements.’

On special occasions, (such as birthdays, etc.) you may bring food from home. Before you do so, you must talk with your child(ren)’s teacher, or our office personnel to receive clearance.
Our center will provide good, nutritious meals for your child(ren).


Parents/guardians will provide infant formula or breast milk and baby food for their child(ren), until the child is able to eat the food provided by our center.

All foods and baby bottles must be labeled with your child’s name and date. If the baby food jar is opened, you must take it home the same day, or else our center must dispose of it. All bottles must go home every night.

All foods provided from home must be stored in properly sealed containers, and given to our kitchen personnel to put in the refrigerator.


Late Pick-Up Policy

  • The Children’s Nest closes at 5:45 p.m. We require parents to arrive at or before this time.
  • A late fee will be charged for each child picked up after our normal operating hours.
  • Beginning at 5:45 p.m., the late fee will be charged at a rate of $1.00 per minute.
  • The late fee will be added on to your regular billing.


Transportation Policy

The Children’s Nest will transport children in kindergarten and older to and from their elementary schools. It is required by law that the children wear their seat belts. The Children’s Nest vans and all van drivers are licensed and insured.

Effective July 1, 2007, all children under age eight must be properly restrained in a child safety or booster seat. Violations of this new law could result in a $50 fine. As a result, with consideration for each child’s safety, The Children’s Nest will need parents to furnish a safety or booster seat if their child(ren) is under age eight and being transported on our van.

When the children are taken on field trips they will be transported by our center’s van. For the safety of the children and the driver, good behavior and conduct is required at all times while riding in the van.


Tuition Payment Policy

  • Tuition payments should be paid in advance either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Each plan requires payment between Monday and Wednesday in the week.
  • If payment is not received by Wednesday of the current week, a $10.00 late feel will be assessed.
  • Payments may be made by cash, checks, money orders, or certified checks.
  • If your check is returned to us (i.e., a bad check due to insufficient funds, or other problems), there will be a charge of $35.00 for the returned check.
  • There will be no fee reduction if your child(ren) misses days at our center.
  • For current tuition rates, please check our Tuition Rates Schedule.


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